Specialists in Design & Build.

Logistic Support and Container Supply
Reputed and reliable Shipping container Supply , Internationally connected CSTA member, IICL standard inspection (CSC validation)

Space Planning, Fit Out, CAD and 3D Rendering

Quantity Estimates and Material Selection

Fabrication and Modular Solutions
Turnkey solutions, Camp and Remote Offgrid Solutions, Container Conversions and Customized Projects

ARMADA TECH – Containerised Sustainable Development Project (Donor aided, locally engineered solutions to SDG targets, Food security and Emerging Economy challenges)

What we do

We have a special preference in addressing the below core criteria that make up the projects we undertake for a variety of customers across the board.


Does the project contain an environmental sustainability factor or element? Socially and ecologically responsible concept.

Repurpose, Reuse, Recycle

Does the project involve adding value, repurposing an otherwise decommissioned or discarded item, product extending the life?

Market Potential

Does the project have a USP that is inline with new trends which appeal to the 21st century market and will be of high demand, thus creating a demand for the skills as well as the product? Here we aim to take on new challenges that help us gain valuable experience

Educational and Vocational Development

Does the project contain an educational (informative, creative, innovative) element that will increase capacity, enhance efficiency and value addition for informal sector and marketable vocational skills development?


‘Seek opportunity to improve ability and capacity to deliver quality workmanship. Seek new challenges to push the industry forward in a rapidly changing environment.’

What finishes we offer for Conversions

Internal Cladding and Insulation

Floor Options

Electrical Options

External Coat

Add Ons

Off Grid Solutions

Doors and Windows

About Us

A visionary company that was founded by driven professionals from different occupational backgrounds with the aim of improving the quality and innovative capacity of Tanzanian semi-skilled and skilled metal workers in the local construction scene.

Judheim Kassamali

Judheim Kassamali

MD, Business Development, Consultant, N.Dip Civil Eng, NMMU

A marketing professional with a vibrant resume. Having Civil Engineering and Architectural Design background, Certified Project Manager & Logistician and acting country manager for the largest container trading, leasing and conversion company in East Africa, the ALMAR GROUP. (Over 300 Clients served in Tanzania including, Azam Group, METL, GGM, AUMS, CapDrill, Shanta, Finca, IITA, MOTAENGIL, Masumin, TOTAL, UNICEF, IOM, WWF, and various international names). Locally known for interior design and fabrication associated with a number of popular locations.

 Romanus Mwita

Romanus Mwita

Technical Director, Operations and Supervisor, N.Dip Civil Eng, DIT

A mature, seasoned and experienced all round technical expert in designing and fabricating metal works, finishings and installations of various types. Familiar with country wide ground operations and camp management in mining and construction in and outside of Tanzania for over 2 decades with well known industry leader, SBS (Small Business Solutions). A leader with unrivalled experience in site project setup and management on ground for operations and resources.

Elisante E. Kanza

Elisante E. Kanza

Co-Founder, Logistics, Admin and Surveyor, MSc, IICL

A young dynamic and driven software operator with a passion to learn, manage operations and logistics, hailing from the maritime industry (MSC Operations Manager) with crucial skills and experience in the field. He holds a IICL Certificate and a Masters in Procurement and Supply Chain Management.

Mariam Ahmed Zidikhery

Mariam Ahmed Zidikhery

B. Accounting, TIA

Detail oriented, efficient and organized professional with extensive experience in accounts and finance for past 10 years, having knowledge of all financial and accounting reports required by management as well as government. Mariam has strong analytical and problem solving skills, with the ability to make well thought out decisions and multitask.

As our finance and admin manager she utilizes her resourcefulness and experience overseeing day to day operations and general management.

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